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EasyBiz is the company behind the extremely popular Mileage Tracker app on Apple’s App Store. Internationally recognized as one of the best business productivity apps by several major news organizations, the origin story began years ago when Forix got involved.

The Challenge

For people who travel for work, tracking their mileage can be so tedious that most people either do it poorly, or just give up on it entirely, missing out on sizable tax deductions and inaccurate reimbursements. EasyBiz enlisted Forix to design a new mobile application.

The Solution

There were already mileage tracking apps on the market, but none of them were user-friendly. Forix’s UX team came at it from a different angle, drawing inspiration from running apps that used one-button Start/Stop functionality.

Using the phone’s native GPS, everything from that point forward was automatic. Other features include reports, international currencies, cost planning, and cloud storage.

The EasyBiz app became so popular that it won 2 Best Mobile App Awards for User Interface. It was also listed in the top 10 business productivity apps by Apple. This buzz caught the attention of MSN Money, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and CNET, among other news organizations.

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