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GoPro is one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, dominating the action camera market in just a few short years. With growth that fast, there were bound to be tech challenges along the way, which is why GoPro contacted Forix to relieve the chaos.

The Challenge

That kind of acceleration puts a lot of strain on operations teams. They were growing so fast internationally, that they needed better checks-and-balances to keep up with inventory around the world. GoPro sought out Forix to develop a system that could collect vast amounts of data from field reps, and relay it back to their ERP system.

The Solution

Forix quickly got to work and built a mobile app that merchandising teams could use across 25,000 kiosks. Merchandisers could scan barcodes, record inventory, and submit repair requests. Forix developed a middleware, which compiled the data and integrated with NetSuite, their ERP system. GoPro finally had the end-to-end visibility they needed for controlling inventory across 25 countries. When results matter most, the best brands choose Forix for custom software applications.

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