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From Analytical Insights to Direct Impact

At Forix, we fuse data-driven strategies with captivating design to elevate your online presence. Grounded in user data and business objectives, our approach ensures best-in-class user experiences. With our expertise, your website becomes a powerful tool, converting visitors at levels you never thought possible.


From Analytical Insights to Direct Impact

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Award Winning Web & Mobile Designs

Your website represents your brand’s identity. It deserves nothing less than excellence. With numerous accolades for design, innovation, and strategy, Forix’s commendable UX/UI and design teams set the standard for superior development. Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with innovative technologies across all devices.

Award Winning ECommerce Designs for mobile
Award Winning ECommerce Designs
Design and Strategy Capabilities

Digital Experience Matters

In today’s digital landscape, your customers’ online journey defines their perception of your brand. Success begins with your website which requires engaging experiences that build trust and foster lasting loyalty.

  • Refresh your online presence to authentically reflect your brand identity and core values through a strategic redesign.
  • Tailor your website makeover to align with your brand essence, enhancing design and fostering trust.
UI/UX Enhancements

Utilize data-driven design strategies to customize user experiences, enhancing relevance and conversion rates while nurturing long-term brand loyalty.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Implement A/B testing and user behavior analysis to continually enhance website layout, content presentation, and calls-to-action, resulting in heightened lead capture and more effective promotion, thus maximizing revenue potential.

Competitor & Ecosystem Review

Regularly assess market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer preferences to inform iterative design and strategic adjustments, ensuring your website remains innovative and maintains a competitive edge.

User Behavioral Analysis

Enhance website speed, responsiveness, and search engine visibility to boost performance and rankings efficiently.


Adhere to web accessibility standards, including ADA and WCAG compliance, screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, alt text, etc., to create a welcoming and inclusive design for all visitors.

Mobile Design

Prioritize mobile SEO practices to enhance search engine rankings, acknowledging the increasing prevalence of mobile users and the crucial role of mobile UX in business success.

Landing Page Designs

Craft compelling landing pages to engage visitors, convey brand identity, and facilitate seamless navigation, influencing purchasing decisions and maximizing lead generation. Well-designed landing pages effectively showcase products, highlight promotions, and guide users towards making purchases, thereby enriching the overall user experience and driving business growth.

Email Template Creation

Create visually appealing email templates to captivate recipients, reinforce brand identity, and efficiently communicate promotional offers or product updates. Thoughtfully crafted email campaigns drive traffic to the website, boost engagement, and increase revenue by capturing attention, fostering customer loyalty, and encouraging desired actions such as purchases or exploring new offerings.

We want to ensure your brand delivers a best-in-class experience.

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