Custom Web Development
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Sooner or later, every successful company needs a custom solution that meets their specific needs. Whether it be frontline enablement tools, or back office integrated solutions, many turn to Forix to develop elegant and user-friendly applications.

Custom Web Development

From prototyping to optimizing, Forix’s deep experience as an enterprise developer and systems integrator has resulted in numerous impressive implementations around the world. Forix utilizes the most common frameworks employed by businesses today for scalable results.

CMS Development

Forix collaborates with your marketing and content teams to equip them with the best CMS tools available. You know your industry, and Forix knows your technology. Through knowledge sharing and regular consultation, your team will confidently run the day-to-day effortlessly. As needs arise, count on the Forix team to deliver intuitive CMS solutions that play well with others.

CMS Development
New Builds

More Than a Custom Web Development Company

Companies gain a trusted advisor when they work with Forix. We see around corners for you during our planning process, and make recommendations to ensure your solution is set up for success.

  • Rigorous UX Research, in-depth analysis and wireframing.
  • Prototyping, phased development milestones, and iterative refinement.
  • Frequent meetings and clear deliverables, maintaining alignment with project goals.
  • Meticulous QA process management to ensure reliability, functionality, and performance.
  • Strong data security measures.

More Than a Custom Web
Development Company

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Custom Support & Maintenance

Whether your application was built by Forix or another developer, our team is committed to improving and supporting your software over time. We are set up to add new features, optimize what you have, or handle break-and-fix issues. Forix sticks with you for the long haul.

  • Streamlined Maintenance Plans with systematic upkeep & support.
  • Continuous integration of updates and iterative enhancements.
  • Optimize system functionality and adaptability.
  • Dedicated Development Staff fostering focused expertise & efficient workflow.
  • Strategic guidance and meticulous planning.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Custom Support & Maintenance

Ongoing Support

Beyond Custom Web Development:
End-to-end solutions

QA & Testing

Create your exceptional online presence with bulletproof technology through manual and automated testing.

UX/UI Design

Craft visually stunning, optimal work flows, and user-friendly designs that end users will love.

Platform and Infrastructure

Guarantee fault tolerance and reliability for your applications with the expertise of our DevOps & Security engineers.

Forix Development Tech Stack

AI Frameworks:
Open AI Models:

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